EP REVIEW: Evolve Or Die – Tigercub

TIGERCUB are charged and not fazed by their rising status. The Brighton act, are running with pride and escaping the norm by putting out music that flirts with the mind. Their programmed and ingenious sound matches well with their enigmatic personas too, as they push for dominance in a rock scene churning out release after release.

The band pulverise generic rock by adding their slant. A formula feasible, a musical onslaught unique and driven. The story is, this is plausible music written by musicians who meticulously lace together an art fundamental in the progression of rock.

We need more acts like this, who pride themselves on creating songs which are justifiable. And pushing the boundaries is key for TIGERCUB. Their music is proudly orchestrated with tight musicianship and flamboyant technicalities, paving way for their rise. On their EP Evolve Or Die, the band capitalise on the universal appeal of good, honest rock music. The EP is somewhat soothing in parts, its abrasive in others. And that’s the kind of diversity we need. Even the lyrics do well in kick-starting a story, a fable of a darkened days and upheavals. These words also manage to connect the dots as those chugged guitar lines play out.

The EP begins with Divided In States Of Us. The powerful drumbeat intertwines with a loud, striking guitar riff, which offers the vocal work a great base to work upon. The song starts to fall into fuzziness. It’s compelling. Into The Ashes offers a great narrative describing static noise and despair. It’s utterly soothing as the chorus magically shudders the bones. It’s Only Love yet again offers a calm, subtle, approach. The words are sung with confidence and a soft range. The track is a gem, marbled with a silky core.

TIGERCUB are a revelation when it comes to dishing out honest rock songs. Evolve Or Die is a statement of intent, pure in its deliverance. It’ll benefit the rock fan who is looking for an ambitious record.

Rating: 9/10

Evolve Or Die - Tigercub

Evolve Or Die is set for release on September 29th via Alcopop! Records.

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