Veil of Maya announce new album ‘False Idol’

VEIL OF MAYA have announced a brand new album!

The new album, titled False Idol, is the band’s long awaited follow up to 2015’s Matriarch. Recorded in Los Angeles in late 2016, the band worked in two studios, with guitarist Marc Okubo working with producer Max Schad in one studio and vocalist Lukas Magyar working with vocal producer Brandon Paddock in another. Speaking about the new album, vocalist Lukas Magyar says, “the whole album is told from a first-person perspective. You’re following this character, who’s not the nicest person, and he rises to power. You’ll have to listen to find out what happens – it’s a very dark storyline. We wanted to create something fresh. We didn’t recycle the same old thing. It’s a new beginning.” Guitarist Marc Okubo adds, “it felt more like we were making a movie or a TV series. Lukas actually had a storyboard idea that we talked about before even starting. It’s almost like we were providing the soundtrack in VEIL OF MAYA‘s template. I hope the record is one that people will want to go back to and study again. It’s worth more than one listen.”

Alongside the new album announcement, the band have also released the first single and music video from False Idol, for the track Overthrow. 

Watch the official video for Overthrow here:

False Idol - Veil of Maya

False Idol is set for release October 20th via Sumerian Records. 

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