X Japan postpone Wembley Arena show and new album

X JAPAN have been forced to postpone their upcoming show at Wembley Arena due to illness.

The Japanese power-metal outfit announced this morning that both their European tour and the release of their new album would be delayed due to guitarist Pata needing to recover from treatment for a “life threatening” blood-clot.

In a statement, frontman Yoshiki said: “My heart is filled with sadness. No words can describe how sorry I am to disappoint our fans. I know the show must go on, but at this this time I can only pray for Pata’s recovery. I cannot tolerate more tragedy than what we’ve been through. I promise X Japan will come back strong, as we’ve done before, together with our fans.”

The band’s Wembley show initially scheduled for March 12th has now been moved to March 4th 2017. A new release date for the band’s next album has yet to be revealed.