ALBUM REVIEW: Binge – BongCauldron

UK sludge outfit, BONGCAULDRON, have released their first full length record via APF Records, entitled Binge. The band have been on the rise since the release of their debut EP, which has led them to take the stage with bands such as YOB, MONOLORD, and WEEDEATER. We gave Binge a listen to see how the band have developed over the years, and what they have to offer to the sludge/stoner scene.

The first track, Devil, wastes no time in getting into it, as it brings forth a heavy, catchy main riff from Biscuit and rough vocals. Before it sounds a little monotonous, the songs picks up pace briefly towards the middle of the song and BONGCAULDRON comes to life. This section seemingly comes out nowhere and brings so much more energy to the track, and brings a lot of promise for the rest of the record. Bury Your Axe In The Crania Of Lesser Men keeps up that promise, with more dragging, aggressive riffs and lyrics that get the blood pumping and are easy to sink yourself into. Bigfoot Reigns is a fast-paced, catchy track that still maintains the gargantuan riffs and harsh vocals, with enough of a kick to knock you into next week. BONGCAULDRON have really improved in the space between Binge and their debut.

Binge also has a rather strong doom vibe here and there throughout, which is no surprise with Chris Fielding of UK doom titans CONAN working with the band for the record’s recording. For example, in the track Hopeless, it has plenty of sludge influences, however the little doom kicks that creep throughout the track really give it an extra bit of flavour and intrigue. Speaking of Hopeless, the track finishes with a rather exciting, almost classic rock solo, which shows diversity from the band and helps eliminate the risk of the record sounding boring or monotonous (which it certainly doesn’t).

The record ends with an intense amount of energy with the fast-paced duo, Toxic Boglin and Yorkshire Born. These tracks both pack a heavy stoner/sludge punch, with plenty of little doom elements chucked in for good measure to send BONGCAULDRON’s new album, which bring it to a close in an excellent fashion. Short but sweet, they round Binge up nicely yet leaving you wanting to listen to it all over again.

Binge is a great effort from the Leeds stoner/sludge/doom group. Blending the three genres together elegantly yet with enough power, groove, and roughness to keep you fixated, it’s one of those albums that all doom, sludge, and stoner fans should give a spin. The three-year wait since their debut EP launched in 2014 was well worth it, as the band have gone from strength to strength with this release and their live performances. Keeping on this path, we could well see bigger and brighter things for BONGCAULDRON in the not too distant future.

Rating: 8/10

Binge - BongCauldron

Binge is out now via via APF Records.

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