ALBUM REVIEW: Crossover Ministry – Iron Reagan

Virginian crossover kings IRON REAGAN are due to release their latest burst of hardcore punk dowsed thrash anarchy preceding their 2014 release The Tyranny Of Will entitled Crossover Ministry via Relapse Records on February 3rd. The thunderous five piece waste little time with the album clocking in at just under 30 minutes, this incendiary collection of ‘all killer, no filler’ tracks produced at God City Studios once again by the unmistakable talents of Kurt Ballou (CONVERGE, HIGH ON FIRE, TOXIC HOLOCAUST) will leave you gasping for breath with its no holds barred, ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ pace.

Tony Foresta is at his imperious best with his unrivalled, whirlwind-like lyrical delivery providing the perfect narrative to the unrelenting fury. Despite the frantic approach to Crossover Ministry there is no wasted movement as they integrate punishing, hardcore charged body blows and rapid shredding alongside frenzied, punk enfused bass sections with precise fashion.

Crossover Ministry purveys various different sentiments throughout particularly in the anarchic, tongue in cheek Fuck The Neighbours and the comedic lyrics of Dogsnotgods pronouncing “The only time I really have to kneel down, is when its time to fill the dish” but on a more serious note the album also touches on other worldly matters of corruption in More War and Bleed The Fifth (released earlier this January).

Rather than being labelled as the side project for members of MUNICIPAL WASTE, Crossover Ministry proves that IRON REAGAN can hold their own and trade punches with the already established names on the scene, they have defiantly put the metal scene on notice and have stepped out of the shadows of their other musical contributions to provide a solid slab of pummelling and blisteringly fast metal guaranteed to have you coming back for more.

Rating: 8/10

Crossover Ministry - Iron Reagan

Crossover Ministry is set for release on February 3rd via Relapse Records.

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