ALBUM REVIEW: Desolate Divine – The Color Morale

THE COLOR MORALE‘s bio on a renowned social media outlet reads like this: ‘Life brings two kinds of pain: the kind that hurts and the kind that transforms’. And you know what, that’s a significant and real statement. It’s true, pain can define us, it can change us. It can be the battle of physical or mental pain that can ultimately alter our horizons. The band are truly on form, with their music and words of wisdom. They have committed to the musical world, they have combated the pain and have used it as an engine to kick-start an intelligent cycle of poetic lyricism. Lyricism that is light-years ahead, that is dark, cut-throat, abrasive, but completely makes utter sense.

The new record Desolate Divine is a massive record that pulls at the receptors in the mind. It will help to silence those underlying mental problems for a while, it will push those hapless, annoying demons away. Away to the corner of lost luck, a corner where it’s creepy and swirled with blackness. Desolate Divine is also an album that straightens out any creases. There are songs on the opus that signify change in sound and swagger. The band have seriously worked on their set-up and musical muscle. They’ve scattered rock sounds and well as post-hardcore treats, measuring up to the front-runners in both genres. They’re unique in that respect.

Hopelessness does rear its head in parts. There’s a depressive tinge to the sounds that roar. But, the band know that life is like a hard game of chess. They’re trying to push their music, not like a shopping cart into the depths of hell, but they a mission statement. Desolate Divine begins with Lonesome Soul. It opens with a shudder of emphatic guitar. A sound so abrasive, but it kills. The lyrics are pessimistic and highly personal. A lonesome soul wanders disenchanted by the rush of life. Version Of Me starts like a true rock song. The guitar lines suit the track, they’re intricate and precise. The screaming tension adds a great contrast, and the lyrics tell a bludgeoned tale. Perfect Strangers begins with a wholesome riff that powers on. The vocals aren’t restricted by the instrumentals, they’re clearly heard.

THE COLOR MORALE are a band that have brilliantly composed a record that is meaningful and full of substance.

Rating: 8/10

Desolate Divine - The Color Morale

Desolate Divine is out now via Fearless Records. 

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