ALBUM REVIEW: Everything Ever – God Damn

With a debut album like Vultures, GOD DAMN proved that they are a band that from the moment you hear their distinct style, you are hooked, and not to mention picking up the pieces of your face where their brand of sledgehammer heavy groove rock hits you straight in the teeth.

Their sophomore effort Everything Ever is an evolution from Vultures, you wouldn’t believe a two-piece could be this diverse, but with every note and drum beat there is proof that this is indeed no carbon copy of their debut.

Thom and Ash have crafted 13 tracks of utterly incomparable music, every track is as unique as their sound, and that is no easy feat. In this sense, it makes the album one that is full of surprises and unpredictability, and when music is unpredictable, it becomes dangerous.

The most astonishing achievement with this album, is the huge wall of sound it produces, this is merely a two-piece, yet, it sounds just as crunchy and commanding as any fuller line up release. Thom has such a unique tone and sound with his guitar that it more than makes up for any lack of another member, in fact, many dual guitar players or guitar/bass partnerships will never find a tone as unique as this. Ash’s drumming is also something that many will find enviable, tight yet loose and with enough force that would make a Jedi master quiver with fear.

Despite every track being unique and unpredictable, it’s a fluid release, there isn’t a disjointed feel about any track with the one before or after. GOD DAMN hit yet another achievement that’s hard to come by for bands nowadays with so many of today’s music consumption based upon singles or whatever tracks are latched onto by fans and casual listeners.

Vultures, it seems was merely something to whet our appetites, Everything Ever, however, has well and truly got our attention. GOD DAMN are definitely a band to catch live and an album that is essential in anyone’s music collection.

Rating: 8/10

Everything Ever - God Damn

Everything Ever is out now via One Little Indian Records.

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