ALBUM REVIEW: Feared – Synder

Words: Laura McCarthy
FEARED are a band that seem to have been through some real growth over the past few years. A hard start for them back in 2007 in getting on their feet, the brain child of Ola Englund (THE HAUNTED, SIX FEET UNDER) has gone from strength to strength. This latest album, Synder brings a darker edge and more flexability with the range of sounds the band produce.

Of Iron and Ashes is technically advanced, with some very good drumming coming from Kevin Talley (DYING FEATUS, SUFFOCATION). It’s a shame that the mix doesn’t pull out more of the drumming actually, because what’s showcased is really solid. The vocals don’t take over this track, with a beautiful interlude at around the 2:30 mark, before the melodic playing pulls you in again

My Grief, My Sorrow includes a nice breakdown and the vocals from Mario Santos Ramos (DEMONOID) and composition really create a symbiotic relationship. As the guitars become more melodic, the drums more paced, the vocals rain over perfectly.

Then we fade into a short interlude of piano by the name of Dygder, with beautiful, haunting chords that are more potent because of their cutting difference to the tone of the album so far. By Silent Screaming is probably the best track on the record, with the variety of the bands talents showing through as they change up the pacing throughout the song. Flexing the variety of tones throughout a track like this shows a great amount of skill, and can really be appreciated over and over. It’s a very complicated song, and a particular sweet spot on this record.

Wolf at the End of the World comes in with perfect timing, another soring powerhouse of a track. This a really relentless record, and the feel of this track is particularly good. Again, the more orchestral ending works really well with what the band are seeming to achieve. This recording seems to function most effectively when relaxing into softer parts, and the blasting into thrashing, hard stuff.

My Own Redemption is also a slower track, and better for it. The latter half of this album is by far the stronger part, as the scope and the confidence pumps up. Synder has a knack for changing it up a lot between each song, and anticipation for each new track grows when the album is listened to a second time. There are moments in every song on this album to enjoy, and part of that enjoyment is finding the intricacies. For example, War feeding War has a brilliant pull in as the guitar as it leads into a solo, it really highlights the song out as a showcase of talent. The track ends with another instrumental, a guitar piece that cleanses the pallet for the final two songs on the record. Speaking of, The Narcissist is layered, and a joy to listen to. The instruments are allowed to do their thing, and then the vocals roar into action, the pace picks up. It’s a flood of sizzling drums, smooth guitar, and heavenly harmonics in the background. This is a great track. Equally, Godless Devotion is worth listening through the album for. It’s hard hitting, with contemplative lyrics, really different pacing styles, and even some synth aspects that complement the whole track really well.

All in all, FEARED have produced a solid album with Synder. It’s a very good output, and there’s a lot to enjoy here. A lot more depth than previous offerings, and a great testament to the bands consistent musicianship & range.


Rating: 8/10

Synder is available now