ALBUM REVIEW: BIAM: Tokyo Sessions – Your Favorite Enemies

YOUR FAVORITE ENEMIES have delved deep into themselves to release a new incarnation of their Between Illness and Migration record, Deluxe: Tokyo Sessions, is a new interpretation of the album, with some additional new material.

The aim for this album, it seems, is to create an album that no matter where you come from, creed, colour and ethnicity is merely a forgotten formality the moment you hear this album. Its blend of musical styles all spear headed with an alt-rock sensibility has given the album conviction in its purpose. Regardless of preference, there is something for everyone to take from this, the various interpretations of the music has created an umbrella message in a sense, a unity through individuality if you will.

The compositions themselves are heavily melody driven, even on heavier tracks like Where Did We Lose Each Other, the focus remains on melody. The main factors that push this release to another level seems to stem from its foray into progressive territories, the depth and construction of the music shows a band very in tune with themselves, each other and their audience, at times bordering close musically to Kaleidoscope and in other occasions bordering on the side of Placebo, the diversity of this band is equalled only by their talent and their vision.

For the most part the lyricism throughout the album is poetic, a composition in their own right, adding more reasons to listen to this album countless times, with every listen, comes something new and mind expanding.

As Alex Foster proclaims in I Just Want You to Know, ‘We’re so much more than noise’, and nothing more could be true for this band and album, not one aspect of this album is noise or unnecessary in any sense. YOUR FAVORITE ENEMIES may not be a household name yet, but with messages as profound as the ones contained in this album, it won’t be long until they are.

Rating: 8/10

Your Favorite Enemies - Between Illness and Migration: Tokyo Sessions

Between Illness and Migration: Tokyo Sessions is out now via Hopeful Tragedy Records.