ALBUM REVIEW: Manipulation – Ecstasy


WORDS: Joshua Bromley

Many readers here may have a soft spot for death metal, and if you’re not aware
Poland’s being setting a pretty high standard for the genre, bands such as
BEHEMOTH, DECAPITATED and VADER spring to mind, but never have the
Polish produced something of this unique calibre.​

MANIPULATION originates from Goldap in Poland and the band is signed to
Satanath Records, and their third studio record, Ecstasy, it’s an utter monster to behold. What sets Ecstasy aside from other death metal albums in general is the
interesting hooks, these at some points can vary, from being highly technical in
nature and at other points, able to create this ominous vibe in theirinstrumentals
that herald an extreme post-metal sound to it. ​

However, let’s not forget what the true colours of these songs are without doubt
juicy chunks of death metal and there aren’t many bands that come close to MANIPULATION’s style and sound. Sic Itur Ad Astra is Latin for ‘thus one goes to the stars’ and conveys imagery of a our world lost to us from our own neglect, There are some very subtle influences that can be noted such as ARCH ENEMY and CANNIBAL CORPSE, Bad Boy sounds and feels like you’re in the forefront of a wall of death and The Paradigm of Existence continues the torrent of pure insanity delivering one of the best songs in the album.

When the album flicked over onto Burn Motherfuckers! from the very beginning it had a very clear ‘anti-political’ message to the listeners and it’s very clear this song is brim to the edge with so much hatred towards all politicians and governments around the world. This song is berserk, with a very nicely executed interlude without a doubt you can feel every ounce of rage singer Bruzyc releases through the speakers.

It’s obvious clear, to see the passion and driving force of these musicians who are clearly skilled with their instruments, to integrate a variety of elements such as blackened metal and post-elements into the songs. It’s clear that Ecstasy is a new refreshing energy in death metal, separating themselves from the countless other death metal bands in the world, Ecstasy is definitely a death metal highlight of 2015 and without a doubt a must for your collection

Rating: 9/10

Ecstasy is out now via Satanath Records.