EP REVIEW: Parturition – A Trust Unclean

Biscester-based tech-death band A TRUST UNCLEAN have taken the UK death metal scene by storm since their first EP in late 2015. 2017 sees the release of their new mini-album Parturition, meaning ‘rebirth’. However, the immediate impression that comes across from the half-hour sonic onslaught that the band have produced, is one of birth and growth rather than rebirth. The energy and relentlessness of the record can only come from a musical machine that cannot wait to make its mark on the metal world, and is yet to do so.

Over the course of eight tracks, A TRUST UNCLEAN deliver a tech-death masterpiece that constantly bounces with mammoth riffs, and bludgeons with disgustingly heavy breakdowns. Whilst many moments echo influences from classic melo-death bands such as THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, the influence of more modern genres such a deathcore and tech-metal are evident in any of their songs. Certainly, fans of bands such as WITHIN THE RUINS and RINGS OF SATURN will find much to love in any of their songs.

It must be noted that some may criticise the band for the lack of progression or variety in their music – there are no instrumental or transition tracks on Parturition, just an intro track and then seven 4-minute songs of similar structure. However, such distraction is not required. What the band do is absolutely cracking tech-death, and they do it well. The relentless nature of the record only contributes to their musical identity – this sort of band simply do not let you take a break.

The lead single from the album, To Encompass and Eclipse, stands out as a highlight due to the enigmatic and powerful vocal range of new vocalist Kyle Lamb. On top of this, the band’s music video for the song – a tongue-in-cheek satirical version of ‘Come Dine With Me’, re-labelled as ‘Come Die With Me’ – perfectly describes the band’s brand of ‘explosive riffs delivered with a smile’. The fact that A TRUST UNCLEAN have shared stages with the likes of AVERSIONS CROWN, RINGS OF SATURN and BLACK TONGUE as well as performing at UK Tech Metal Fest is evidence to show their prowess and reputation even at such an early point in their career.

In terms of the instrumentation, the skill and calibre demonstrated by drummer Noah Plant, guitarists Steven Hunt and Mikey Gee, and bassist Bobby Hembrow, are quite simply stellar. Every song is an assault of incredibly tight breakdowns and death-metal blast beats, all delivered with mechanical precision for the band. Both in terms of their writing and their execution, their sound is that of an internationally successful death metal band, not a local band from Oxfordshire on the rise.

Overall, what A TRUST UNCLEAN provide on Parturition is a statement of intent. Their intention? To put UK death metal back on the map and break a few necks headbanging in the process.

Rating: 8/10

Parturition - A Trust Unclean

Parturition is out now via Basick Records. 

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