ALBUM REVIEW: Reanimation – Bloodshot Dawn

Flash back several years. UK death metal outfit BLOODSHOT DAWN had released their sophomore effort, Demons, and seemed certain to expand on the foundations set by their excellent self-titled debut. Yet, setback after setback struck the group and the band fell into the wilderness and new talent shot up the ranks in their place. Four years have passed since Demons and armed with a new lineup and a point to prove, BLOODSHOT DAWN are back with album number three; Reanimation.

Aiming to make an instant impression, the band open with explosive flurry through Seared Earth. Frenzied lead guitar lines are presented from the off before subsiding into a gloriously heavy passage of heavy riffing and Josh McMorran‘s trademark vocal barks. It’s a solid opening to the record but the real highlight comes towards the track’s conclusion as the band unleash a monstrous breakdown before fading into some harmonious and gorgeous guitar work. It’s technically brilliant and makes for a strong opening to the record.

From there things just get even better. Graviton Nightmare‘s opening salvo is mightily impressive as the blistering fire from James Stewart‘s drumming sets the tempo at breakneck speed and the chemistry between Josh McMorran and Morgan Reid in the guitar department is a treat to the ears whilst Controlled Conscious‘ chorus in absolute earworm as McMorran‘s guttural vocals snarl above a frenzy of lead work.

In fact, where BLOODSHOT DAWN shine the most is the guitar-work. Throughout Reanimation the guitars are absolutely superb and that is down to the solid chemistry between McMorran and Reid. Combining well to present dual riffing with enough power to level a city to duelling solos that ebb and flow to the chaotic rhythm, their chemistry is a cornerstone to the charm of this record. In the years since that have passed since Demons progressive and technical metal has developed a lot but here, BLOODSHOT DAWN demonstrate that they are still more than capable to keep up with the pack.

Even as Reanimation enters its second half there are some absolute treats on offer here. Soul Affliction is a fiesta of blistering melodic guitar play backed by thunderous percussion whilst Shackled‘s grooves and neat hooks ensnare your attention from the first second to the last. However the crème de la crème on an album that is brimming with quality lies with Battle For The Omniverse. Clocking in as the longest song on offer at just over six minutes, the track is an absolute Goliath; one which ebbs and flows with devastating rhythm and dazzling solos. The lead work is mightily impressive yet again, bolstered by the terrific guest solos from Jeff Loomis and Paul Wardingham, and it’s the most technical track on offer here and serves as the stand-out moment on Reanimation.

Indeed Reanimation is a fitting title for BLOODSHOT DAWN‘s third effort. Raised from the dead and hungry to devour, the band are back with purpose and intent. Jam-packed full of killer riffs that pack a punch, jaw-dropping solos and grooves that will snap your neck, Reanimation is a stunning comeback from a band that had slipped into the wilderness. It’s a tightly packaged frenzy of solid melodic death metal that oozes with groove and venom that leaves a lasting impression and will make you come back for more. Thank god they are back.

Rating: 9/10

Reanimation - Bloodshot Dawn

Reanimation is set for release on January 12th via Hostile Media.

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