EP REVIEW: Animate/Redefine – A Titan, A Deity

It’s always disheartening when promising bands switch to hiatus mode, but the ultimate therapy for such aural bereavement undoubtedly comes in the form of brand new music. And it’s even more gratifying when the defunct bands in question merge to create said new music. Well, that time has come – so throw those horns aloft and say hello to A TITAN, A DEITY. Formed back in 2016, this rising Birmingham/London five-piece have torn up many a stage with high-profile support slots for established acts like LOATHE and THE CONTORTIONIST already under their collective belts. And with a core sound that’s rooted in progressive metal, they’re looking to upgrade from their current ‘unsigned’ status with this debut EP.

At just six tracks, Animate/Redefine may seem disappointingly brief, but with half of these exceeding the five-minute mark, bursts of expansive melodies juxtaposed by blasts of sheer belligerence will satisfy listeners craving both beauty and sonic bite alike. Alex Lucas’ production is as crisp as it is clean which really helps the MONUMENTS style riffs and pounding drums to hit their intended target – right between the eyes. The dual vocal attack from Luke Whyle and Ben Pinkus, alongside multi-part harmonies add subsequent depth to proceedings and the result is a release that deals in both complexity and clarity.

Gentle chord progressions and searing melancholia quickly give way to ferocious growls and pummelling breakdowns; transforming the opening salvo of Artemis and Oathbreaker into a fully-fledged brutal assault. Hook-laden choruses and impassioned Sam Carter style shouts are reminiscent of the modern British metalcore synonymous with bands like ARCHITECTS, whilst fifty-shades-of-MESHUGGAH I Am Sentient and djent-spliced ear-worm Chapter I shifts the EP stylistically into progressive/tech territory. There’s zero respite either as the A TITAN, A DEITY contingent continue to reach for the jugular with closer Disquietude; ablaze with crushing grooves and frenzied riffs, it hurtles towards you at 200mph before smashing into you. Repeatedly.

Whilst Animate/Redefine may not prove to be a groundbreaking release in terms of its material, you could do far worse than exploring A TITAN, A DEITY. Fuelled by anthemic energy and ambient darkness, it’s a capable effort in how to channel aggression with visceral emotion.

Rating: 7/10

A Titan, A Deity

Animate/Redefine is out January 12th independently 

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