ALBUM REVIEW: Reverse – Eagleheart

Think of every cliché ever associated with power metal, and the bands that are under this sub-genre. Mix it into a large pot and see what happens. The outcome? You get the makings of EAGLEHEART‘s latest album Reverse. For some this sounds like a nightmare, for others this a dream come true. However you wish to interpret this record, it’s a great record that power metal fans will simply cherish.

The album opens majestically with the instrumental Awakening, there are some hints of Danny Elfman within the tune, think The Nightmare Before Christmas when it starts. The transition from this to the hair swishing, mighty Until Fear Is Gone is done with significant effect and it’s done smoothly. This track is very RHAPSODY OF FIRE-esque with its finger blistering guitar work, powerful vocal work and sweeping drum patterns. This album contains the best elements ever associated with the genre; hair raising vocals, memorable guitar riffs/solos, sweeping drums and images of heavy metal warriors riding off into the sunset after triumphant victory.

A track that comes to mind with the ideology of a fallen warrior riding off into the sunset after a solid conquest is the title track. The track itself is rather empowering with majestic musical arrangements that will make the average fan swish their glossy hair back and forth wherever you happen to be. The following track Erased From Existence also has a grand presence with beautiful harmonies between the vocals and the guitars, something that is often expected within the sounds of the style. The tunes from the violin and strings only add emphasis to the magnificence of the song.

As well as the clichés of power metal, each track on EAGLEHEART‘s latest record contains a tint of each band in the genre that you can think of. Whether it’s the sweeping grandeur of RHAPSODY OF FIRE to the rapid sounds of DRAGONFORCE, you name the band and there is tints of most within these collection of tunes. With such legendary influences behind these tracks, it can be easy to imagine how great these tracks would sound live. The album ends in a very power metal fashion with Painting The Shadows By Light; this could potentially pose as an anthem with shredding solos, dominant vocal work and sweeping arrangements.

So overall, this is a great release from EAGLEHEART; they could be on their way to join a list of legends. Love or hate the genre, they will be sure to make an impact on the scene.

Rating: 8/10

Reverse - Eagleheart

Reverse is out now via Scarlet Records.

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