ALBUM REVIEW: Slaves To The Greed – Dead End Finland

If you see a country in the band’s title, you try not to assume the band themselves hail from there. With the case of DEAD END FINLAND, its safe do so as they are based in….well Finland. To most of the metal community, Finland is one of the most notorious breeding grounds for some of the biggest household names within the Rock and Metal spectrum. You have names like NIGHTWISH, SONATA ARCTICA, CHILDREN OF BODOM, ENSIFERUM and many more. So could DEAD END FINLAND join this list of infamous legends? Their upcoming album Slaves To The Greed could pretty much help them secure a place.

Wish to know more about DEAD END FINLAND? Here is some information; they formed in 2008 in their home town Helsinki, Finland. They have two albums under their belts already; Stain Of Disgrace, which was released in 2011 and 2013 saw them set Season Of Withering upon the population. Their third concoction Slaves To The Greed is set to be released 4th November 2016 via Inverse Records; it is something you’d be a fool not to at least have a listen too.

Now, imagine if German Industrial icons RAMMSTEIN, Melodic Death gods SCAR SYMMETRY, German Folk warriors EQULIBRIUM and ROB ZOMBIE, who doesn’t need an introduction, had all somehow conceived demonic offspring; well that’s what the sounds of DEAD END FINLAND‘s Slave To The Greed give the audiences of the rock and metal community. Those grand sounds seem to all roll into one in this particular album. Some of the best examples of this sound in practice are in the tracks Through The Echoes, Future & Past, Messenger Of Sorrow, Nightfall and Screaming Back To Hell. Each of those tracks has a tint of the artists mentioned and here’s why a listener might think that.

The first few sounds of the synthesisers and sci-fi effects of Through The Echoes, Future & Past give off a SCAR SYMMETRY vibe instantly; this is then reinforced with the harmonious infusion of clean and harsh vocals. It’s a great first melody to get the album rolling on and to set listeners up for what’s expected from this Finnish Metal troupe.

Messengers Of Sorrow introduce a ROB ZOMBIE feel with its heavy blast beats, dark vocals and that all familiar vibe from one of the biggest icons in Rock and Metal. The recognisable tints of RAMMSTIEN are heard in the track Nightfall; the sinister beats and vocals. This melody structure will be a familiarity amongst those Metal’s audiences whereas Screaming Back To Hell remind one of Folk Metal troupe EQULIBRIUM, particularly within the feel good tones with those blasting beats.

These are just few examples of what can be expected on this album; this is a release will definitely ensure that DEAD END FINLAND will join the list of legends that Finland are known to produce.

Rating: 8/10

Slaves To The Greed - Dead End Finland

Slaves To The Greed is set for release on November 4th via Inverse Records.

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