ALBUM REVIEW: V: The Devil’s Fire – Baptism

A new dawn, a new era for a band who have ravaging our souls over the course of four albums. Now BAPTISM are here with the fifth incarnation of the demons they wish to share. Forcing their way out of the drug gens of dreary and senseless recordings here stand a band with ability to vocalize what we so desperately need. They are louder, they are stronger and they are downright heavy to the maximum.

You can be forgiven for needing a second listen of the latest offering from Finland’s black metallers to fully appreciate the explosion of noise to grace this album. Like most to come out of this dark genre it takes a while to settle in, to be at ease with what you are hearing but once you do it hits you and you are drawn in to the deep dark depths of their inner conscious. V: The Devil’s Fire optimises everything we urge to feel, our desire to see differently, to live courageously. All sugar coated with insanely textured riffs and vocals that will tingle you to the very core. It’s a fascinating journey and you sure as hell will love every minute of being on the ride with them.

From  Natus Ex Ignis to Buried With Him you can feel the evolution of a band so rich with talent and desire. With the addition of guest vocalists Antti Boman, Mikko Kotamaki and Mynn Luukkainen, the blending of phenomenal talent pays off well. It adds dimensions to an already worldly mix of sound without over complicating the structure. It allows you to completely immerse yourself in the music and able to find a path back again. Though it is unusual to hear this of black metal music but there is certainly something about this particular record that is soothing and almost tranquil, even through the thrashing spectacle. Don’t skip any but a particular favourite has to be The Sacrament of Blood and Ash. You don’t get more spine tingling and chilling than that.

V: The Devil's Fire - Baptism

Rating: 9/10

V: The Devil’s Fire is set for release on July 22nd via Season of Mist.

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