ALBUM REVIEW: Vaitojimas – Erdve

Lithuania is not known for being a popular breeding ground for world renowned metal bands but this may all be about to change with the breakthrough of blackened hardcore outfit ERDVE. Forming in the capital of Vilnius in 2016 they have grasped the attention of record label Season Of Mist and are now due to unleash their debut album entitled Vaitojimas on February 9th.

Vaitojimas kicks off proceedings with a bone jarringly dense riffing encapsulated by atmospheric disarray whilst frontman Vaidotas’ shrieks evoke the rawest expulsion of despair. As it progresses you are repetitively bludgeoned by sequential rounds of crushing guitar work hoping there will be some form of brief mercy but ERDVE have absolutely no intention of providing it. Išnara commences with a similar eerie, unnerving vibe which feels like an audible depiction of desolation but its chilling intensity deceitfully allows you to let your guard down long enough for it to gallop straight towards you for its second wave of assault. The thundering bass tones which follow suit the orchestration perfectly adding that extra layer of evil which is impossible not to become completely submerged in.

Prievarta throws what remains of the kitchen sink at you, pummelling you with menacing tones and unshackled fury siphoning the remaining breath out of your lungs before the first half of Apverktis takes the pace down a few notches, giving you time to sew your head back together as it’s ominously distorted vibes create an enthralling instrumental interlude of contemplation until it begins to resume the maelstrom of mayhem once more.

Just as you are preparing yourself for the next onslaught the beginning segments of Pilnatvė abruptly returns to the restrained minimalistic expression of it’s predecessor before churning out some gruesome bass riffs and feral growls that leave you with the looming trepidation of what is lurking around the next corner. Atraja may be the concluding track but this doesn’t make it any less formidable or furious, hammering what remains of your senses with unwavering force and further instances of burly bass riffing.

ERDVE have thrown caution to the wind with this effort, not afraid to dabble and experiment to carve their own niche. Vaitojimas has the unique ability where experiencing minimalism is still utterly captivating, leaving you speculating when the next dramatic turn will occur and where it will take you. From a vocal standpoint lyrics in their native tongue does make it seemingly more difficult to decipher on the surface but it also adds to the intrigue and charm of the composition by leaving it open to the interpretation of the listener, allowing them to forge their own narrative as chaos swarms around them. Vaitojimas is the ideal example that it doesn’t matter what background you have or what musically barren country you inhabit, if you have the passion and the imagination that you can construct something thoroughly engrossing.

Rating: 9/10

Vaitojimas - Erdve

Vaitojimas is due for release on February 9th via Season Of Mist.

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