ALBUM REVIEW: Wherever They May Rot – Cut Up

Since there first release in 2015, Forensic Nightmares, death metal suit CUT UP are back with the brand new album Wherever They May Rot. The members of this band make quite the discography when it comes to partaking in different projects, with three of the members have played with the mighty VOMITORY who released their first full-length album in 1996 and definitely made their mark on the death metal scene. This four piece although veterans in the music scene have a lot more to offer as can be heard within this new album.

The first song on this album is called From Ear To Ear, it begins by gradually building up the first riff while adding individual drums hits that can get any crowd going, the drums then change to a much more thrash sound further building on the tension of the song so far, they then charge straight into fast blast beats and heavy growling, perfect for the start to any death metal. The song then reverts the drumming back to that thrash sound but with slightly lighter screams, then Anders Bertilsson starts playing an epic guitar solo. Then the band rebuild the tension after a calming solo before breaking into a slowed down moment creating an almost break down sound before amping it back up to a faster drumming speed for a short section until blast beats return suddenly. The last section ending the way they started with individual guitar and drum hits.

The next song is titled Vermin Funeral, it initiates with a slightly softer riff with the rest of the band hitting there instruments in sync until they all come together and produce the incredible main riff which is just perfect for head banging and going wild. The vocals then initiate and the drums then switch to a much more bouncer rhythm progressing the song nicely while the riff is still grinding which backs up the sound perfectly. They then change it up for a short break section before going back to the beginning riff, after another couple of short breaks Anders Bertilsson then begins to solo, CUT UP then do over the beginning of the song but with faster intervals they do this right up to the end.

The title track Wherever They May Rot starts with drumming that makes great use of the cymbals and tremolo picking styled guitars before working into fast paced double bass and a guitar riff that sounds energetic and lively, perfect for moshing. Another perfect head banging moment is when the guitars ring out with deep growls to resonate with it, then guitars begin to play a very bouncy riff. Shortly after the vocals begin again and the double bass is really focused on which just makes it all the more enhanced. The other members then join in on this speed creating that fist pumping metal sound, the sections of tremolo picking within this song is a great addition and makes it more melodic. As they scream the title of the track the sound amps up to a faster pace just to end on a quick close.

CUT UP have definitely taken their music to the next step although it doesn’t all sound like super heavy death metal, it does have a much more widened range of musical sounds but without taking away any aggression or brutality that you’d expect from that classic death metal sound we all know and love. So prepare your soul to embark on a vicious death metal journey with CUT UP.

Rating: 8/10

Wherever They May Rot - Cut Up

Wherever They May Rot is out now via Metal Blade Records.

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