ALBUM REVIEW: Wider Than The Sky – 40 Watt Sun

In 2009 a band formed from the ashes of the 90’s Doom Metal band WARNING and thus dawned the birth of 40 WATT SUN. After various issues encountered during the development of Wider Than The Sky, the three piece hailing from London took the fate of their sophomore album into their own hands and produced it themselves due for release via their own label Radiance Records.

When you hear the words ‘Doom Metal’ the mind automatically makes the assumptions of downtuned, heavy guitars and an almost funeral like procession implemented by the likes of CANDLEMASS and MY DYING BRIDE but Wider Than The Sky commences with subtle yet effective guitars and soothing, evocative crooning courtesy of Patrick Walker. With a song comprising of 16 minutes you would expect the composition of Stages to take a few changes in pace but it maintains a consistent stride throughout.

The vibe and atmosphere this creation provides is very solemn and thought provoking which instantly makes you feel a connection to the music as it effortlessly absorbs into your bloodstream. Despite the guitars being particularly restrained and unassuming they are still very vibrant and provide an expressive accompaniment to the melancholy vocal sentiments.

Wider Than The Sky maintains a steady pacing throughout very rarely breaking its conservative and minimalist routine. You would be forgiven if your attention began to waiver towards the latter stages of the album. Every track is very lengthy which may test the will of even the biggest prog enthusiasts.

If you are seeking some upbeat melodies to get your blood pumping and your mind racing this may not be the album for you but Wider Than The Sky is a brilliant testament to the ‘less is more’ approach tugging the listener through a scope of varying emotions. However, this may not be sufficient to entice the listener to return to it on a frequent basis.

Rating: 7/10

Wider Than The Sky - 40 Watt Sun

Wider Than The Sky is set for release on October 14th via Radiance Records.

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