AntropomorphiA release new single ‘Crown ov the Dead’

Dutch death metal outfit ANTROPOMORPHIA have released a brand new single!

The new song, titled Crown ov the Dead, is taken from the band’s upcoming fourth record Sermon ov Wrath which is set for release later this month. The new song features a guest vocal performance from DOOL‘s Ryanne van Dorst. Speaking about the new track, guitarist/vocalist Ferry Damen says “the compositional approach ov this audial incantation was very instinctive and although it wanders from the traditional framework it is the continuation ov our path and breaths ANTROPOMORPHIA to the fullest.”

Listen to Crown ov the Dead here:

Alongside the release of the new song, you can view the track list and artwork for the upcoming album below:

Track List:

01 Sermon ov Wrath
02 Suspiria de Profundus
03 Murmur ov the Dead
04 Ad Me Venite Mortui (Intro)
05 Crown ov the Dead
06 Sinful Rapture
07 Within Her Pale Tomb ov Putrid Lust
08 The Blistering Splendour ov Darkness
09 In Bestial Decadence

Sermon ov Wrath - AntropomorphiA

Sermon ov Wrath is set for release on February 24th via Metal Blade Records.

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