Blood Youth release new song ‘I Remember’

UK hardcore outfit BLOOD YOUTH have released a brand new song!

The new song, titled I Remember, is taken from the band’s upcoming debut album, Beyond Repair, which is scheduled to be released in April. Speaking about the new song, vocalist Kaya Tarsus says, “when I wrote the lyrics for I Remember, I was thinking about what it would be like to have a conversation with my younger self and what we would say to each other. I used to get very frustrated and I would blame myself for being unprepared for what life was throwing at me, it took a while for me to realise that in reality we all just go with the flow. Life is something you have to figure out on your own. Musically, A lot of our hardcore influences come out in this track, probably one of the heaviest riffs we have written, so we’re all really looking forward to playing it live!”

Listen to I Remember here:

Continuing to speak about the album, Kaya Tarsus explains, “these songs are about how we deal with anger in the modern age, when I was writing the lyrics I became fascinated with heartbreak and how everybody deals with this trauma in their own way. Many tend to numb the pain in an attempt to forget, instead of facing it head on, this is something I am guilty of myself. We were aiming to create something very aggressive but very real. With Beyond Repair, I believe we have achieved just that.”

View the track list and artwork for the upcoming debut here:

Track List:

1. Making Waves
2. What I’m Running
3. Savanna
4. Parasite
5. I Remember
6. Reason to Stay
7. Pulling Teeth
8. Buying Time
9. Bless
10. Man Made Disaster

Beyond Repair - Blood Youth

Beyond Repair is set for release on April 7 via Rude Records.

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