Caligula’s Horse release new song ‘Songs For No One’

CALIGULA’S HORSE have released a brand new song!

The new song, titled Songs For No One, is taken from the band’s upcoming new album In Contact which is scheduled to be released later this month. Speaking about the new song, vocalist Jim Grey says, Songs for No One carries great emotional weight for me personally – the ideal to be a force of positivity in the world is an enormous challenge, but one that we should all strive for. At its core, this track is about the value of having passion, whether publicly displayed or not. Creations or work completed for yourself alone have just as much value as work seen or heard by many, for the experience, growth, and joy it brings to you alone.”

Listen to Songs For No One here:

Continuing to speak about the album, drummer Josh Griffin tells Distorted Sound, Jim wanted to tell a story, and while it had a kind of broad, sci-fi story, it became apparent to him and Sam that they could tell this story in a very personal way. Even more so in the artwork. When we contacted Connor Maguire, all we gave him was a brief of the concept, and his interpretation of that was so unique. That was the imagery he took personally from it. Everyone who listens will draw their own personal connection and interpretation.”

In Contact is set for release on September 15th via InsideOut Music.

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