Counterpoint release track by track guide for ‘If Not Now, When?’

COUNTERPOINT have released a track by track guide to their upcoming new EP!

Formed from the ashes of OPERATION: AEON, UK newcomers COUNTERPOINT have been bubbling under the surface since their formation back in 2015. Pulling influence from the likes of PAPA ROACHDEFTONES and WHILE SHE SLEEPS, the quartet are gearing up to release their debut EP, If Not Now, When?, this week! Working together with producer Jim Pinder (BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE), their debut EP showcases COUNTERPOINT‘s take of heavy alternative rock and we caught up with the band to give us a track by track insight to their upcoming effort!

Leave It All Behind

This song is about breaking loose from that small town mentality that captures people without them even noticing, three of us in the band are from a town called Kirkby in Liverpool. We’re all working class lads who just wanted better for ourselves. But Kirkby was just a place nobody ever left, generations of families in the same council houses, forever. Everybody would always SAY they were leaving, but never pull the trigger. We all moved away permanently to chase Uni, music and independence.


Toxic relationships are not always boyfriend and girlfriend, actual friends/family members, even people at work. This song is about a few different encounters we’ve had in our lives where people have used kindness and eagerness to help, and then drop you the minute they were finished, we think everyone has been through this and it’s almost a rite of passage, a very swift learning curve.

Between You and Me

This entire song is about convincing yourself to do what’s best even if it’s not the easiest. Specifically, it’s about leaving an abusive relationship the chorus is essentially me talking to myself. Eventually reaching that breaking point where you walk out that door, whether it’s a job that makes you miserable, a relationship that makes you fearful, or a situation that makes you feel bad just is not worth your time, this is your only life.


We’re leaving home again but more so looking at a close friend who had huge talent, ability and dreams that they’ll just never achieve because they fell into that comfortable zone of “I’m leaving once I’ve done x,y,x”

One Sided Conversations

The last song on the EP is about waiting for someone to change, people never change and we seem to have this idea that people will change FOR US. Despite what they say or what you think, it has a 0% success rate, you can keep holding on when you should have just let go.

If Not Now, When? is set for release on February 9th via self-release.

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