EP REVIEW: Bailer – Bailer

BAILER have built a steady following since their inception, having already shared the stage with NORMA JEAN, SICK OF IT ALL and EMPLOYED TO SERVE the Irish quartet are ready to cement their place in the hardcore elite with their latest self titled effort due for release on 9th February.

The opener Lying For A Living wastes little time making its intentions known cutting through your senses like razor wire with raspy vocals and searing brutality. Reminiscent of STRAY FROM THE PATH the track provides ridiculously catchy riffing with it’s own twistedly intriguing melodic tinges setting the tone for what’s to come. Tuesday’s Gone continues the ferocious anger ridden vibes but with a more deliberate bludgeoning approach and a neck jarring breakdown thrown into the mix to stamp the exclamation point home.

Fellow irishmen ZOAX have risen to dizzying heights over the course of their short career and this is partly due to the exuberant nature of frontman Adam Carroll, so to see him feature on Long Gone is a massive statement of intent. The energy harnessed in this particular track sends shivers down your spine and it bears all the hallmarks of becoming a bona fide bombshell when injected into a live performance. Continuing the unrelenting pace Feel It More hits like a tonne of bricks bombarding you with gritty bass tones and signature hardcore vigour.

In the blink of an eye the final track Death Is A Reminder has already arrived sustaining the raw unbridled rage and passionate bellowing from frontman Alex O’Leary as well as furious footwork courtesy of Sean Conway.

BAILER have constructed a pocket rocket capable of mass destruction with this effort. Despite it feeling like the end approaches far too prematurely it is probably just as well for the sake of the worlds population as if they were to release a full length album it would probably result in spontaneous human combustion. Judging by their quickly expanding catalogue it is only a matter of time until BAILER will promptly return with another slab of unforgiving ruthlessness. But for now bask in the glory of one of them most exciting prospects hardcore has to offer before they become too hot to handle.

Rating: 8/10

Bailer - Bailer

Bailer is set for release on February 9th via Distro-y Records.

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