Dommin unveil upcoming third album ‘Beautiful Crutch’

Us alternative rock outfit DOMMIN have released the first details surrounding their upcoming third studio record!

Titled Beautiful Crutch, the third record from the band is scheduled to be released late in December this year. The record was produced and mixed by the band’s frontman, Kristofer Dommin, who says, Beautiful Crutch is another step forward in the band’s musical growth. While this is an expansion of the band’s soundscape, some of the moods will be familiar to those that fell in love with our first album. The album title, Beautiful Crutch refers to anything or anyone that helps you pull through darkness and hopelessness. Sometimes it’s an idea. Sometimes it’s faith. It can be a mantra, a song or a special person that helps you get back on your feet.”

The new record follows the band’s return with last year’s Rise. The band’s return came after a series of issues; post-record company fallout, legal issues, and personal tragedy. Now, alongside the announcement for the third record, the band have released the track list and album artwork for Beautiful Crutch. Both are available to view below:

Track List: 

  1. Desire
  2. Show Me
  3. The Scene
  4. This World
  5. Beautiful Crutch
  6. I Die
  7. Vulnerable
  8. The Flame
  9. Madly
  10. The Saddest Dream
  11. Outer Space

Beautiful Crutch - Dommin

Beautiful Crutch is set for release on December 22nd via DNRecords.

For more information on DOMMIN like their official page on Facebook.