EP REVIEW: Lights – Glasstide

New piece GLASSTIDE from Exeter have all the trimming of a good heavy rock set up in their EP Lights.

Starting with a decent track Be There is classic rock in all it’s weight and feel. Somewhere between 3 DOORS DOWN and BLACKSTONE CHERRY, and oddly enough STRAYLIGHT RUN in places. There’s the opportunity for something bigger to come through this, but the chance for a heavy riff comes and goes without that big bite.

Lights is overall much better, with more of a relaxed feel. It’s important to have the music embody you, and you the music and this is clearly the kind of track that GLASSTIDE should be making. Sticking to form, this is the potential track to prove the thicker kind of sounds that heavy rock fans will eat up.

The feeling from this EP is that there’s very much a growth from song to song. Since You’ve Gone is a pretty passionate little number with more guitar work to round out the track, and the overall feel is a little more original. Vocally, there’s a wiff that there might be more range, and overall it’s all alot of fun.

You’re not Worth It is more Pop-Punk than before, channelling some old school NEW FOUND GLORY and even the honesty of BOWLING FOR SOUP. The variety is good, and a bigger injection of energy is a good sign for future projects, though it does feel like a touch further away from the rest of the material on this album.

There’s definitely something to work with here, and in the various styles GLASSTIBE are stabbing at could be opened into a sound that is big, bold and confident. This EP is a little reserved, and lacking in that oomph heavy rock requires, but Lights is a great starting point for the band. With any luck, they’ll refine their sound and come right back in with something huge.

Rating: 7/10

Lights - Glasstide

Lights is out now via self-release.

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