EP REVIEW: Our Future’s Not Dead – Brightlight City

UK five-piece BRIGHTLIGHT CITY have certainly broken the shackles and have gone beyond a one dimensional sound. Their new EP Our Future’s Not Dead, is a majestic pull at rock, and is also a thrilling ride.

And the record focuses intricate guitar lines upgraded by a burst of pessimistic lyricism and powerful vocals. The band also ache to be relevant and they’re pushing their all into the creative energy. An energy cultivated by workmanship and musicianship, both are key in the fast-paced, erratic music industry. With this focus, the act have arranged and worked on a snappy, punchy, layered product.

There’s only four songs on the EP, so it’s a short but compelling musical journey. Think of it as a drive through a beautiful town taking snapshots of the most important and scenic spots. But then realising that there’s a dark, raw undercurrent bubbling. That’s what Our Future’s Not Dead is about, it’s like a shaved face, but it burns due to the shock and rawness of aftershave. These songs work. They can make you escape the disillusions and struggle of day to day life for a while. From the powerful chorus fuelled Leave The Light onto the brilliant poetry of Heart Stops, the EP marks a great return. And the band should be proud of not falling into the same old routine.

Rating: 8/10


Our Future's Not Dead - Brightlight City

Our Future’s Not Dead is set for release on April 7th via Undead Collective Records. 

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