EP REVIEW: We Are Tyrants – We Can Rise

Photo Credit: Axall Photography
Photo Credit: Axall Photography

Nottingham based metal band WE ARE TYRANTS have arrived with their first studio EP, We Can Rise.

Opening the Gates works brilliantly as the intro, building up anticipation and an expectation to have some real dark and heavy music follow on. Of course, as Gatekeepers of the Matrix leads in immediately after, the flow of the EP seems to have hit those expectations. With just short of being a five minute wonder, the song pulls out crushing guttural vocals, epic riffs and shows off drummer Kelsey James wonderfully.

Tides of Virtue is the song on We Can Rise that shows off exactly what WE ARE TYRANTS can do. With noticeable influence from metal giants TRIVIUM, it certainly sets the EP in stone of being a piece of art.

With the other tracks on We Can Rise following suit of the previous, Last Dream sets a new bar.
WE ARE TYRANTS, already displaying throughout the vocal talent and changes from guttural to clean, there is no doubt that it is executed brilliantly but there is something special with Last Dream. The darkness of the track brilliantly emphasises such change, encouraging to focus on the lyrics that so many can relate too.

The great thing about We Can Rise is that, just as you think one track outdoes all of the others, the next one comes on and takes over. There is a new level set for heaviness and by the closing track God Lives in Me, it is evident that WE ARE TYRANTS are a band to watch out for.

We Can Rise is an excellent introductory to the Nottingham metallers. It shows that WE ARE TYRANTS have practiced what they preach before exposing the world to the incredible music that they can make. It is more than refreshing to see a new, upcoming band take the bull by the horns and control it as well as this band have with We Can Rise. Start to finish, the EP is beautifully crafted by musicians that are clearly passionate about what they do and WE ARE TYRANTS are definitely a band that need to be looked out for.

Rating: 9/10


Jessica Howkins

Co Editor-in-Chief for Distorted Sound Magazine, Music Journalism student.