Who would have imagined that a simple yet long-running joke telling someone to “get in the bin” would serve as not only the inspiration, but the moniker for one of the most stacked line-ups to ever hit the rowdy pavements of Camden Town. Buckle up folks, for the first inaugural Binfest is quite literally around the corner, and at The Crowndale on Saturday December 2nd you’re all cordially invited to throw the fuck down. The sonic brainchild of two of London’s hardest working promoting gurus Embedded Promotions and Anivian Promotions, the ethos behind Binfest is simple. Gather together eleven of the UK’s most ferocious leading and emerging acts from across the metal spectrum, who in turn get the punters quivering in aural ecstasy before the venue is inevitably reduced to rubble. Now, here at Distorted Sound we think that’s a pretty tempting proposition. However, if you’re still not sold on making the trip and dropping that cash on a ticket, here’s the lowdown on the bands in attendance this weekend.

Headliner: HARBINGER

If you’re still not familiar with these purveyors of fine tech-metal filth, then quite frankly we’d recommend having a serious word (or five) with yourselves. Spawned from darkest London, vocalist Tom Gardner and his fellow masters of riff-drenched maelstrom deliver the kind of muscular beatdowns and intense technicality capable of setting any venue on fire. With a sonic arsenal that has proven to delight metalheads, hardcore kids and tech-heads alike, the HARBINGER crew have devastated crowds at shows including UK Tech-Metal Fest, Fall In The Brawl and Euroblast, not to mention a recent tour run with the mighty LOATHE. Raw and visceral, the sheer cacophony emanating from current release Human Dust is a malevolent joy to behold, but there’s also stacks of melody to offset the chaos. Miss this performance at Binfest at your absolute peril.


Well-known for their energetic live performances and throbbing riff-centric sound, CONFESSIONS OF A TRAITOR’s metallic hardcore seethes with raw, unencumbered grit. Driven by motivational lyrics and inspired by heavy breakdowns, they have created a wholly unique sound that resonates with each listen. Having already supported bands like BURY TOMORROW, MALEVOLENCE and DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL, we don’t expect these guys to remain unsigned for much longer. Be sure to download a copy of EP Illuminate and brace yourself for neck-breaking fervour at Binfest!


Distorted Sound had the distinct pleasure of premiering BOHEMIAN GROVE‘s brand-new music video Refuse to be a Martyr (directed by Shaun Hodson of the excellent Loki Films) recently, and suffice to say we’re rather smitten with this deathcore collective’s mix of rich grooves and earth-shatteringly weighty breakdowns. Word on the proverbial street is that they’ve got some irons in the fire regarding tours and weekenders in the New Year. For now, we recommend you secure a spot down the front at Binfest and be titillated by the sound of the true British underground scene.


Hurtling straight out of Nottingham (by way of Gibraltar) like a freight train from hell’s depths, this eight-string-slinging machine have been pulverising eardrums and melting faces since late 2014. EP’s Winters (2015) and The Veil (2017) harness unbridled ferocity and intense emotion in equal measures alongside frenzied down-tuned riffs and crushing grooves. The five-piece’s debut full-length is due to drop in early 2018, we’ve had a listen and believe us when we say it is fucking killer. So, if you enjoy overdosing on euphoric misanthropy, having your spine snapped and a good bellow along to some delightfully depraved lyrics, this is a band you’re going to want to check out at Binfest!


Always a band that prides itself on “giving it all the beans” with every live performance, the hard-grooving doom of the LOTUS EATER core sound is impossible to resist. The five-piece’s first EP, the character-based Gloom, was released back in March, and has continued to garner positive praise from press and peers alike. The band count ISSUES and NECK DEEP as supporters and LOATHE’s Erik Bickerstaffe was on recording duties for the record itself. They’re currently rounding off 2017 with dates supporting SECRETS and SHIELDS UK and of course Binfest. Do not miss out on your final chance to embrace the gloom before it falls dormant once again.


If emotive post-hardcore/metalcore makes you come over all unnecessary, then Kingston’s HIGH RISE will be right up your proverbial alley. Formed back in 2014 with a sound reminiscent of THE GHOST INSIDE and A DAY TO REMEMBER, emotion and hard-hitting vocals collide to excite the senses. The band are currently back in the studio creating some new magic but in the meantime, we recommend checking out melodic banger Hands Untied from earworm central Left It For Everything to get your body shaking.


Ambient eargasms are the name of the game for this emerging Manchester four-piece and you can fully expect hairs (and temperatures) to be raised during their set – particularly with the inevitable inclusion of CROOKS UK-esque In Mind or the exquisitely dreamy Asleep. Melodic hardcore at its finest.


Despite only playing their first show just over a year ago, PIONEERS have faced down personal hardships and overcome professional turmoil in order to share stages with the likes of OUR HOLLOW, OUR HOME, CONTINENTS and fellow Binfest-ers CONFESSIONS OF A TRAITOR. An enticing blend of post-hardcore and searing introspection, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for these guys. This is music to warm even the chilliest of black hearts.


Putting East Midlands deathcore firmly back on the map, Nottingham’s AZAZEL do brooding doom better than most and the resulting sound is big, bold and gloriously belligerent. They’re in good company too with BORDERS talisman Jordan “JJ” Olifent at the management helm. We’ll see you in the pit. With earplugs.


This four-piece have only been around since March, but these rising prog-metallers look destined to leave an enduring mark on the scene. Citing influences ranging from metal behemoths GOJIRA to the brooding atmospherics of THE CONTORTIONIST, cohesive melodies and uplifting progressions bolstered by a vocal-driven approach evoke rich soundscapes – all of which can be heard on single Euphoria which Distorted Sound got to introduce to the world back in August. Watch this space.


This energetic five-piece have shared the stage with EXIST IMMORTAL and OSIAH to name but a few, and released their self-titled debut back in January. Fusing technical yet interesting riffs, with an emphasis on thundering breakdowns, these tech-metallers continue to take their live performances to the next level with each show they appear at. Make no mistake – latest single Hollow is a certified pit-starter that packs more beef than your local butcher’s window.

Binfest 2017

Binfest 2017 takes place at The Crowndale, London on December 2nd. Tickets are available now and can be purchased here.

For more information on the event check out the official event on Facebook.

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