Incontinence premiere new lyric video ‘Inner Psychopath’

Death metal band INCONTINENCE have premiered their new lyric video for Inner Psychopath from their upcoming album, Prey For Us.

Watch the video via Slam Worldwide below:

About the song, vocalist and guitarist David Seacord says: “The song is about a guy a lot of people know,” “and that is a guy who believes in crackpot conspiracy theories to the point that he believes that the forces of the so-called new world order are going to come for him someday. He’s believed this for a long time, but these mysterious forces haven’t come for him yet, so he is practically begging someone, anyone, to break into his house just so he can have an excuse to kill someone without impunity.”

INCONTINENCE is made up with members of SKINLESS, HELD UNDER, ARMOR COLUMN, DRY HEAVE and BURIAL and have just recently announced their debut record, Prey For Us.

Prey For Us is due out May 15th and can be pre-ordered at Ultimate Massacre.

For more information on INCONTINENCE follow their official page on Facebook.


Jessica Howkins

Co Editor-in-Chief for Distorted Sound Magazine, Music Journalism student.