INTERVIEW: Jacek Grecki – Lost Soul


If you are a metal band in Poland then making a name for yourself is difficult to say the least. With such names like BEHEMOTHDECAPITATED and VADER leading the charge of the Polish metal scene, it is somewhat surprising that a band like LOST SOUL have gone relatively under the radar. Combining a relentless barrage of riffs, blast beat drumming and demonstrating sheer technical ability is no easy feat yet LOST SOUL have been doing this for years. With the band’s latest record, Atlantis: The New Beginning, released at the end of October, we caught up with vocalist and guitarist Jacek Grecki to talk about the new record, the competition within the Polish metal scene and the band’s future plans.

Your new record, Atlantis: The New Beginning, has been out for several weeks now, how are you finding the early record?

Jacek: First of all, I’m glad that “Atlantis: The New Beginning” was finally released. It took a while. The delay was not our fault but but the album is out, finally. Each of the previous albums has been a stepping stone in our development. Each of them is my child and with each I share unique relationship. However, I consider “Atlantis” as our greatest achievement so far.

The record, is slightly different to your previous work with slower tempos. What was the decision behind moving towards a slightly varying musical direction?

Jacek: With every release we mature as composers. Such direction has been taken which can be heard on Atlantis. The fact that this album is slightly slower than the previous one was not a deliberate plan. It came quite naturally and consciously. Slightly slower tempos sound better live though.

You invited several guest musicians for the record including the likes of Dave Suzuki, what was the decision behind this?

Jacek: We had never invited any guests before. Atlantis is not just a new LOST SOUL album. It’s a project on a grand scale. Therefore we decided to approach it comprehensively. We have known Dave for years. We had some good times and drank a lot of booze together! The fact that he recorded a solo for us is an honor for all of us. The participation of other guests had more to do with the lyrics and the idea to present the album’s content in a more natural way.

The band originates from Poland, home to staples in extreme metal such as BEHEMOTH, DECAPITATED, VADER and so forth. Is there much pressure and competition within the Polish music scene?

Jacek: Probably not. Every band follows its own path and does not look at the others. I think that we respect each other’s work and none of us considers it competition or struggle.

When you have so many bands in extreme music from your home country, I imagine the scene is fairly strong?

Jacek: The most important bands are still the ones on top. The scene is certainly strong. As a country we can be proud of quite few really good bands. It’s really heart-warming.

Your guitar playing and vocal deliveries are quite astounding for death metal’s standards. What influences your style?

Jacek: I think everyone should strive for development. To be stuck in one place is same as regress. I do not think that I have amazing skills. I think they are normal – good enough to play music at the highest level. At one time I really liked EMPEROR. Great skills, great music, combining sharp vocals with clean singing. I also like MAYHEM, old records of SEPULTURA and MORBID ANGEL. When it comes to guitarists I like James Murphy, Chuck Schuldiner, Patrick Mameli, Paul Masvidal, Rune Eriksen.

For those who are not acquainted with your music, how would you describe LOST SOUL?

Jacek: Cruel Death Art. High-quality death metal with old-school approach and black metal influences. Impeccable technique, symphonic orchestration and choirs, ritual screams. Strong vocals, mysterious and dark atmosphere, powerful sound, very good solos, intelligently composed songs. There’s certainly an evil element present in our music.

These days, bands tend to rely on a strong presence on social media to expand their fanbase. Is social media important to your band?

Jacek: For some time now our Facebook profile has been the main source for information and news for our fans. It seems that now it has probably become the main form of contact as well.

I remember your debut music video, If The Dead Can Speak…, which was several years ago and that really caught my attention. What methods do you use to try and attract new fans?

Jacek: At the moment we are talking with our label about the next video. I don’t want to say more about it because it’s still in early stage. I think having a video for one of the songs is the best way to promote the album. As soon as we have more news about it we will post the update on our FB profile.

And really to close this interview off, are there any plans for touring around Europe and the UK in the foreseeable future?

Jacek: Yes, but it’s still too early for me to say anything more about it.

Thank you for your time, have a lovely day

Jacek: Thank you and likewise! Follow LOST SOUL! We hope that our new album Atlantis: The New Beginning will meet your expectations and satisfy you deeply and melt your brains! Cheers!

Atlantis: The New Beginning is out now via Apostasy Records.