INTERVIEW: Jesper Vicencio & Sebastian Linnet – Ghost Iris

Since their formation in 2015, Danish metallers GHOST IRIS have exploded in popularity, especially in in the tech-metal scene. Being acknowledged as one of the most streamed metal acts in Denmark last year showcases the excitement surrounding the band and 2017 has seen GHOST IRIS maintain the bubbling momentum through the release of the sensational Blind World. Prior to a storming set at this year’s UK Tech-Fest, we caught up with vocalist Jesper Vicencio and drummer Sebastian Linnet to divulge into the band’s soaring rise in popularity, their quick-fired attitude to writing material and the appeal of UK Tech-Fest!

So GHOST IRIS are playing UK Tech-Fest later today, what can fans expect from your performance?

Sebastian: A high energy performance, very frenetic live show as that is what we try to bring. Full on energy 110%.

Jesper: We highly respect the tech aspect of this Tech-Fest, there is a lot of technical music on and some would say that our music is quite technical as well, it probably is, but there is a lot of room for breathing so we can do that old school rock show. It’s a good mix!

As you said there is a lot of technical music at this festival. Do you think that playing these type of festivals help you improve as musicians? So you can see how your peers play their instruments?

Jesper: Maybe not in that aspect but just walking around and talking to our peers. That definitely helps

Sebastian: I guess so, I’m a drummer so I always look at the drummer and I can see the sick techniques and pick up on the blast beats so I tend to study the drummers at the festivals, especially at festivals like this, they are all sick drummers.

Jesper: I forgot what I do as well, yesterday EXIST IMMORTAL, our friends, played and I said to Meyrick “damn, you’re a great vocalist!” He’s a great guy and a great vocalist!

GHOST IRIS coming to Tech-Fest is on the back of Blind World which was released earlier this year, now that is has been out for a couple of months, how have you found the reception?

Jesper: Great!

Sebastian: Really good.

Jesper: Critics have been overwhelmingly positive and if you look at the Spotify account, it’s looking very good!

Last year, you were the most streamed metal band in Denmark, for a band that is as young as yourselves, how does it feel to be exploding in popularity?

Jesper: Weird!

Sebastian: We didn’t expect it when we started out in a rehearsal space just jamming out and talking about playing Tech-Fest. Now, two years later we are playing Tech-Fest and suddenly we are the most streamed metal band from our own country, it’s kind of weird!

I imagine that comes with its own pressures?

Jesper: Yeah, exactly, but we’re very thankful!

Sebastian: It’s very fulfilling.

So to be on this two year cycle since you formed and you are already on your second record, how quickly is your creative process? Are you able to turnover songs very quickly?

Jesper: Recently we went to Sweden which is right across the bridge from Copenhagen to a secluded place, like a hut in the countryside, and we just did demos. We’ve got a bunch of songs down. Not going to say they will make the record or anything but it’s just a process thing, we tend to be quite fast. Sometimes we are faster than other times.

Sebastian: We are always writing and always practising.

I guess that is the best way to approach it?

Sebastian: Exactly, the more you tramp through, the bigger the chance you will end up with ten really good songs!

Jesper: Not always, but a lot of times we have 20 songs and we pick 10 of them.

I know it is early days as you are still feeding off the reception of Blind World, but have you started thinking ahead to what the next record will bring?

Sebastian: Yes! We are already demoing for that.

Jesper: Not far, but we are in it.

As we are now in the modern age with services like Spotify and so on, do you feel by constantly releasing music on a quick turnover that can keep GHOST IRIS relevant and keep the momentum going?

Jesper: Definitely in this day and age!

And really just to close off, once GHOST IRIS have finished playing today, who else are you going to watch at Tech-Fest?

Jesper: CARCER CITY! They are playing right as we finish!

Sebastian: So we can make maybe half of their set as we have to take our stuff on stage.

Well best of luck for your set later at Tech-Fest and for what the future brings!

Jesper & Sebastian: Cheers, thank you.

Blind World is out now via Long Branch Records. 

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