No matter how big a band becomes they always have to start somewhere and most of them will have been conceived in someone’s bedroom. After receiving a guitar as a gift and being inspired by the likes of SITHU AYE and FORTIORI solo artist Reece Spencer decided to breathe life into his demo material, and the result was conceptual progressive metal project ARES ONE. Eager to get his material out into the open his first release in 2016 caught a lot of attention in the tech metal community with his varied use of atmospherics and uplifting tones but he has taken a more comprehensive approach to his second release entitled Optimist due for release via Bandcamp on February 18.

After giving us a taste of what’s to come with the release of the first single from Optimist entitled A Better Place, Pt1 we caught up with Reece to dig deeper into the messages he plans to convey with his new material and get some insight into where he thinks this project will lead in the future.


Optimist is due out February 18 via Bandcamp.

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