INTRODUCING: Temples on Mars

Progressive rock has continuously evolved through the years with the likes of YES, JETHRO TULL, HAWKWIND, PORCUPINE TREE, and more capturing the spotlight. Now after landing on Earth, London-based TEMPLES ON MARS are here to present an offering of incredible music.

Previously better known as AGENT, the heavy prog rock outfit have revamped themselves with a new line-up, new album and some little tweaks here and there. The change came around when they realised that AGENT wasn’t grabbing the attention of people on digital platforms as the name usually delivered many search results that weren’t them.  They needed to stand out and after a couple of months TEMPLES ON MARS was born.

Speaking to Distorted Sound about the change, front man James Donaldson says: “As you know, everything is digital nowadays and people want to listen to music on Spotify, so we decided with the new album we didn’t want it to disappear into obscurity so we were like ‘Let’s do something about this rather than just moan about it’, so we were thinking about a new name for a while and then we approached a few record labels who said they really liked the album but didn’t think the name stood out enough, so that was kind of the final domino so we just decided that we needed something that stood out a bit that nobody had really used before.”

Watch the bands introducing video below with the help of their alien friend Tom:

*Hint, apparently Tom is a huge fan of Maltesers. If you see him at a show, treat him.

The band create some fantastic music with their recently released single So In Love With Your Own Drug getting a fantastic reception from listeners already. On why you should check them out, Donaldson mentions: “If you ever want to meet an alien on Earth then they should, musically for fans of bands like KARNIVOOL, BRING ME THE HORIZON, MUSE, we mix all those styles into our own unique style. It’s a loud, heavy live show with nice melodic soundscape interludes, I haven’t seen us live because it’s impossible, but I wouldn’t mind one day!”

Having recently signed with Primordial Records, TEMPLES ON MARS will be releasing their self-titled debut on April 6. The album sees conceptual lyrical content that questions aspects of human and extra-terrestrial life. There’s the topics of mental health and battling adversities and if there is life on mars, do these beings suffer as humans do? Environmental issues and what would these beings think if they ever visited Earth? It’s got all the points to be a spectacular release and the start of something very special for them and their music career.

Get a taste of what is to come from TEMPLES ON MARS by watching their music video for So In Love With Your Own Drug below:

The band are currently finalising live show dates for the album release.

TEMPLES ON MARS will be releasing their self-titled debut April 6 via Primordial Records.

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Jessica Howkins

Co Editor-in-Chief for Distorted Sound Magazine, Music Journalism student.