Long Island tech metallers CAR BOMB have a bright, bold sound to blow away the winter blues. Having played for years, the band is finally making headway into the UK scene.

Comprised of Michael Dafferner (Vocals), Elliot Hoffman (Drums) Greg Kubacki (Guitars) and Jon Modell (Bass), these four have tailored their work to make a truly up and coming band. The band’s conception was in 2000, the band worked in making their sound more intricate, with more identity that was hardcore and more technical, mathematical edge. It’s heavy, it’s complicated and it’s got some amazing diversity that more bands could take some big lessons from.

Their latest album came out last year, with no less than Joe Duplantier of GOJIRA produced their third and latest album, META, which displays a great refinement in their craft since their first album Centralia and 2012’s ‘w^w^^w^w’. Innovative new music, with a true weight and thickness, an unusual element the really focuses on the intensity and the creativity of music making while obsessively crafting something that invades the mind and the physical. It’s huge, it’s gruelling and CAR BOMB are truly pushing themselves, constantly trying to find more.

The tech metal band have a massive support back catalogue, touring with MESHUGGAH, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, DYING FETUS, SOULFLY and DECAPITATED. These impressive bands, all massive in their own rights, shows a huge credibility to CAR BOMB‘s work.

In addition to three incredible albums, you may have seen the documentary Why You Do This back in 2010, by vocalist Michael Dafferner about the struggles of touring and balancing a regular job. The focus is on the passion of music, the drive and the hardship of life dedicated to music that does not grasp the popular scene. This, it seems, is the heart of CAR BOMB. As the band set themselves to tour in March with GOJIRA, and with such a huge tour ahead they’re no doubt going to make a big noise in the coming years.