INTRODUCING: Countless Skies

COUNTLESS SKIES are a raucous onslaught of great, beautiful highs in their riffs and relentless, melodic death metal in the churning, brutal song writing. The band, made up of  Ross King (Vocals, Guitar), James Pratt (Guitar, Backing Vocals), Phil Romeo (Bassist, Clean Vocals) and Nathan Robshaw (Drums), come from Hertfordshire.

Having come together back in 2014, the quartet smashed into existence with their début self titled EP, and began taking their music around the UK. The big break came in the form of the Metal to the Masses competition in Bedfordshire, resulting in the band playing the New Blood stage at BLOODSTOCK  2015. Having secured themselves as a force to be reckoned with, COUNTLESS SKIES bring forward some much needed, new ideas into the melodic death scene.

This is music that has energy, that has heart and fire, but is also bright as well as dark. When you think of death metal, the thought more often falls on bands such as AMON AMARTH, OPETH and BEHEMOTH, and while there is a flavour of these in COUNTLESS SKIES (the band have sighted in particular the Scandinavian edge influencing their sound) there is something more hopeful and light within their songs. The melodic elements boarder on Prog, and the propulsive nature of this music brings a new dimension to melodic death metal.

Over the coming months COUNTLESS SKIES are throwing themselves into live shows all across the UK. Check out their social media for more information. The new album New Dawn close at hand, and those seeking a band with high amplitude, brave new ideas and a career with heaps of potential, find yourselves listening to COUNTLESS SKIES. It will be worth your while.


New Dawn is available June 24th via Kolony Records.