INTRODUCING: Edge Of Paradise

LA has produced some pretty hefty players to the music scene over the years. While many strive to mimic and to follow the herd, EDGE OF PARADISE are on a mission to combine what has become staple to the metal genre and combine it with something totally fresh.

The combination of vocalist Margarita Monet, Dave Bates on guitar, in addition to John Chominsky on drums and bassist Nick Ericson is a triumph. In their relatively short time together, they’ve managed to combine a feeling of BLACK SABBATH with a little NIGHTWISH thrown in there. While female vocalists often get clumped together, Monet stands out as a voice that compliments the band she is part of, rather than she and the guys mimicking others’ styles. It’s a hard line to walk, but EDGE OF PARADISE stomp across it with pure confidence.

Initially formed by Monet and Bates in 2011, EDGE OF PARADISE debut release Mask (co-written with Robin McAuley) was a great success in its own right. Having produced a sterling record, they also smash it at their live show, with high praise from both fans and press alike.

Following the success of the first album, 2015’s Immortal Waltz has shown a honing in of ideas and style from EDGE OF PARADISE. It’s a clear indication that there’s a strong bond and desire to make a very high quality of Metal/Rock music, a dark and seductive, yet stuff very fresh and a hell of a lot of fun. The latest single, Shades of Crazy, is the perfect example of this kind of classic sound done right!

The past few months, the band have been touring around the US, bringing their new material to the masses. For those looking for more from one of the freshest new bands out of LA, keep your ears and eyes pinned to EDGE OF PARADISE on social media, and keep a look out for more tours in the coming future.