If you’re heading to one of the shows on the upcoming VENOM PRISON tour that starts in Bristol this Saturday, get there early and catch opening band GOD COMPLEX. The gnarly end of heavy metal has been gathering a huge head of steam in recent years with the likes of CODE ORANGEOATHBREAKER and the aforementioned tour headliners and what’s been brilliant to see is how bands are taking the word ‘heavy’ and running with it in all manner of directions to create something entirely unique and stand out from the crowd.

GOD COMPLEX are another example of this. Originating from Liverpool, the four-piece have taken elements of blackened hardcore, mathcore, death, sludge and noise to create a powder keg of pure, brutal carnage that is so volatile and explosive you’ll be lucky to have both of your ears and most of your face left once you’ve finished them. Their debut EP is due to drop before the year and will explore themes such as the subjugation of religion, violence in relationships and the Syrian civil war; the first song from it, Hate Runs Through Me, was released on Wednesday and is an instant assault on the senses, combining filthy breakdowns with tense spaces of near-silence and a bounce that is so infectious it’ll be on repeat for hours at a time.

Considering that the band only formed this year, the potential they’ve managed to showcase is biblical, and as the band are all in their late teens and early 20’s, you can be sure that they’ll be around for a very long time to come. You might not believe in a deity, but you’ll be worshipping at the altar of GOD COMPLEX before too long.