The British doom metal scene has enjoyed an explosive rise in popularity in recent years, with bands like CONAN being a fine example of a rapid growth. Based in Birmingham, the spiritual home of heavy metal, KROH are another band to emerge in a blossoming genre.

KROH‘s activity can be traced back to 2011 where Paul Kenney [FUKPIG] formed the band with Francis Anthony leading on vocal duties. Through this incarnation of the lineup, the band would go on to release one full length along with splits with FUKPIG and ICE DRAGON before quickly disbanding a year later.

This disbandment would be short-lived however, and 2015 marked the return of KROH. Recruiting Darren Donovan on bass and Rich Stanton on drums, KROH began to put the wheels in motion and inject new life into the band. The icing on the cake of their mesmering sound is the addition of Oliwia Sobieszek on vocals, which adds a new dimension to the group’s sound, creating a more intoxicating and flowing atmosphere.

Currently, the band are hard at work at bringing new material into life. Following the release of a single, Living Water (released in 2015), KROH are gearing up for the release of Altars which is scheduled for release in Autumn this year.

Through muzzled riffs, subtle drumwork and the hooks of Sobieszek‘s vocals, KROH have crafted a sound that is truly special. Their musical characteristics tick all the boxes of the doom metal formula, but there is enough creativity flowing through the group that prevents them from being shackled from the chains of their scene. In an instant you can be hooked on the solitary tones of their rhythm or the haunting vocal deliveries, there are so many elements to be drawn towards. Doom is a tried and tested style of metal and originality can be tough, but KROH have enough quality to instantly become a firm favourite in your musical collection.

KROH is: 

Paul Kenney – Guitar

Darren Donovan – Bass

Rich Stanton – Drums

Oliwia Sobieszek – Vocals