INTRODUCING: Only Echoes Remain

ONLY ECHOES REMAIN are the instrumental post-rockers that flew out of London, bringing together a range of genres to create a emotional roller-coaster and intricate narrative. They have quickly securing themselves performances alongside HER NAME IS CALLA, TOTORRO, and, VASA, to name but a few.

The four piece is made up of Arran Oakes, Craig McNaughton, Simon Christie, and Alistair Dunlop. Their debut album, The Exigent, was recorded at the iconic Abbey Road Institute and is due for release on June 16. The album is narrative driven as the band explains; “being a concept album, The Exigent follows a cohesive narrative throughout, telling a story both physical and deeply emotional.”

So far, the band have given glimpses into their promising debut through the release of singles Aurora and Of Stone and Stars. Speaking about Aurora, the band say, “we tend to look at it more on an emotional level – the complexities of human emotions, how quickly awe and joy can turn into fear or panic, are themes explored throughout the album but are introduced properly in Aurora.”

Musically, ONLY ECHOES REMAIN brings together gentle melodies, bursting with power and emotion, alongside progressive riffs, and use carefully constructed melodies to tell stories of hope and sadness, joy or frustration. Being instrumental, each note is crucial to relaying that emotion and section of the story. Less is certainly more in the lonely, slower sections that leave listeners sad until the guitars build with triumph, drums excitedly backing them up. ONLY ECHOES REMAIN aren’t afraid to surprise with a sudden overlay of guitars, or even a complete change of pace. This is only natural with the sheer number of styles they bring together into one overall sound. They have stated their instrumental sound draws from the influences of RUSSIAN CIRCLES and SIGUR ROS.

ONLY ECHOES REMAIN are something a bit different, their engaging instrumentals will guide any listener on an emotionally challenging story, and won’t let them leave until the story is done.

The band will be performing at The Brewhouse in London on 23 June 2017, more dates are to come shortly.

The Exigent is set for release on June 16th via self-release. Pre-orders are available and can be purchased here.