INTRODUCING: Samadhi Sitaram

Djent/Math-Metal band SAMADHI SITARAM come from Moscow, Russia, and bring with them themes of chaos, destruction and cyclical nature of man. Heavily influenced by the more occult areas of Jewish and Hindu religious viewpoints, specifically on the coming of “moral spiritual and ethical” decay, and if that’s something that instantly peaks your interest, you should find what SAMADHI SITARAM offer is right up your street. The three piece consists of BrutalRA (strings), IOFavn (vocals) and SharkАкулыч (bass). Taking an influences from bands like MESHUGGAH, the complex style of music, and the deep impending doom in the vocals, it’s hard not to comply with head banging and genuine interest when you fall into the depths of their sound.

Starting their journey in March 2016, the band have quickly found their sound and style rooted in a range of genres. Taking influence from Mathcore, Djent, Metalcore, Groovecore and even some Progressive movements in terms of the high concepts in their work. SAMADHI SITARAM‘s music is extreme for sure, aswell as heavy, though not without its own strange allure in the melodies that the band produce. Equally, their videos are a great drawing point for those who are interested in the dark subject matter and the strange avenues they wander down.

Having closed the Moscow Horror Movies Festival Kaplya in March 2017, SAMADHI SITARAM released their second album KaliYuga Babalon at the end of August. It’s as extreme and spine chilling as you can imagine, and sets them as a force to be reckoned with.

KaliYuga Babalon is out now via Sliptrick Records.

Check them out on their official FacebookInstagram and Youtube.