INTRODUCING: The Interbeing

Progressive metal band THE INTERBEING aren’t the run of the mill sort of band. They intend to make something with reason, and their musical inflections bring a fresh edge of electronica to the genre.

Heralding from Copenhagen, the band formed in 2006, consisting of Dara Toibin (Vocals),
Jacob Hansen (Bass), Boas Segel (Guitars/Programming), Torben Pedersen (Guitars/Vocals), and Kristoffer Egefelt (Drums).

The music itself has a distinctly space-chaos edge, the environment the music evokes is one of a complex universe, with its electronica vibes throughout the more technical metal. Vocally, there is a lot of comparison to SOILWORK, while the overall music has an aggression and cohesion that is very much in the vein of TESSERACT, GOJIRA and VOLA. Those who understand the higher concept of the band as a unit, and enjoy the imagery of the band’s continual progression will get a real connection to this music.

The band have worked hard, creating a debut album in 2011, so solid it claimed Album of the Year in Danish publication GAFFA. Overall this first release, titled Edge of The Obscure, saw the band play with the likes of STONE SOUR, MESHUGGAH, and PARKWAY DRIVE. Additionally, they’ve also graced the stages of great festivals such as Tech Fest and Copenhell.

Most notably, back in November, THE INTERBEING played the Loud & Metal Mania, which was a concept of Nordic bands playing in Japan at the Hokuo Music Week in Tokyo. Creating a worldwide fanbase, it’s clear that this band what a true focus and a real desire to make something intentional and purposeful.

The second album Among the Amorphous, which has been a painstaking creative project that has been tailored to the finest detail, is out now (read our review here). The album takes the concept of the band being one mind, and the collective reaching further into the development of the entity that is THE INTERBEING.