InVisions release new music video for ‘Soul Seeker’

York based metalcore mob INVISIONS have released a new music video!

The new music video, for the track Soul Seeker, is taken from the band’s upcoming debut record Never Nothing which is scheduled to be released in August this year. Speaking about the new song and video, vocalist Ben Ville says, Soul Seeker was the first song we did vocally in the studio and the flow was amazing, everything just came so easily with this one, this song just felt natural! We knew that the energy of the song needed to be portrayed in the video and by keeping it strictly performance based, we knew we could lose our shit and give it the energy it deserves.” Guitarist Lucas Gabb adds, “it’s actually a bit of a concept track. It’s written from the perspective of Neo in The Matrix but it ties very closely into something we have all experienced in terms of being told who you should be and how you should live your life. It’s that nagging feeling at the back of your mind – knowing something isn’t quite right and you want something more. The high intensity riffs matched with the huge chorus made us realise what kind of recipe we wanted to grill up across the whole album. The track is so intense and upbeat so we wanted to make sure we captured that in the video.”

Watch the official music video for Soul Seeker here:

Never Nothing - InVisions

Never Nothing is set for release on August 18th via self-release.

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