Perfect Beings release new music video for ‘Vibrational – Mysteries, Not Answers’

PERFECT BEINGS have released a new music video!

The new music video, for the track Vibrational – Mysteries, Not Answers, is the latest single from the progressive rockers upcoming new album Vier which is set for release later this month. Speaking about the new song and video, vocalist Ryan Hurtgen says, “this is a song of hope from the darkest, emptiest place.” Keyboardist Jesse Nason adds, “the video is a portrait of a character who follows his imagination to wherever it may lead.”

Watch the official music video for Vibrational – Mysteries, Not Answers here: 

Also, you can view the full track list, featuring the four compositions, below:

Track List:

Guedra – 18:23
1. A New Pyramid
2. The Blue Lake of Understanding
3. Patience
4. Enter the Center

The Golden Arc – 16:47
5. The Persimmon Tree
6. Turn the World Off
7. America
8. For a Pound of Flesh

Vibrational – 18:17
9. The System and Beyond
10. Mysteries, Not Answers
11. Altars of the Gods
12. Everywhere at Once
13. Insomnia

Anunnaki – 18:42
14. Lord Wind
15. Patterns of Light
16. A Compromise
17. Hissing the Wave of the Dragon
18. Everything’s Falling Apart

Veir - Perfect Beings

Vier is set for release on January 19th 2018 via InsideOut Music. 

For more information on PERFECT BEINGS like their official page on Facebook.




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