The Contortionist announce new album ‘Clairvoyant’

THE CONTORTIONIST have announced a brand new album!

The new album, titled Clairvoyant, follows 2014’s Language and is scheduled to be released in September. The upcoming album was produced by Jamie King (BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD). Speaking about the upcoming album and the first single from Clairvoyant, keyboardist Eric Guenther says, Clairvoyant is the product of not only months of writing and recording dozens of song ideas over the last year, but also a definitive creative artefact outlining the artistic confluence of the six members of THE CONTORTIONIST for our past and future endeavours. Collectively, we’re feeling proud, apprehensive, but ultimately excited to finally have this record speak for us as a meticulously sculpted voyage into our musical psyche. On album and stage, between the art’s presentation, zealous and even forceful sonic immersion, and interpretable lyrical and visual metaphor, we are attempting to bring the listener deeper into the world and musical language of THE CONTORTIONIST. Reimagined struck everyone simply as the most truthful and sincere place to start in this new universe.”

Watch the official music video for Reimagined here:

Alongside the announcement of the new album and release of the new music video, the band has revealed the track list and upcoming album. Both of which are available to view below:

Track List:

1. Monochrome (Passive)
2. Godspeed
3. Reimagined
4. Clairvoyant
5. The Center
6. Absolve
7. Relapse
8. Return to Earth
9. Monochrome (Pensive)

Clairvoyant - The Contortionist

Clairvoyant is set for release on September 15th via Long Branch Records/SPV.

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