The Picturebooks release new music video for ‘I Need That Oooh’

THE PICTUREBOOKS have released a brand new music video!

The new video, for the track I Need That Oooh, is taken from the band’s latest album Home Is A Heartache which is out now. Speaking about the song and video, THE PICTUREBOOKS say,I need that Oooh was written on a parking lot somewhere in wales by a beautiful river. I just had the idea while driving to Cardiff. I was singing into my phone recording this idea that i just heard in my head. “…I Need That Oooh…Oooh…” and all of the sudden we stopped and brainstormed everything into the iPhone, we knew immediately what we wanted it to sound like and how we wanted the production to be for that song. It’s a 30 minute memo where we completely wrote the song with lyrics and everything right there and then. Two weeks later we went into our studio/Garage and recorded it. The song is about looking for inspiration, looking for that Oooh! Being bored, having writer´s block and all the stuff that comes with it. Like most of my lyrics, the lyrics are improvised. We shot the video out in Yucca Valley and Pioneer Town in California. Next to us performing in the middle of the desert, the video is about us riding our choppers (one of them is a bike that we built ourselves and the other bike belongs to one of our buddies in the US.) In the video, we’re riding bikes, meet this hitchhiking chick, we blow up stuff on the side of the road, getting lost… looking for inspiration, pretty much what the song is about in a way. We just loved the visuals and didn’t want to get too crazy with a story line and stuff. After all none us is a good actor or anything like that. While we were filming though, my dad (who is also our manager, producer, live mixer and camera guy) got hit by a truck when we left him alone for 10 minutes. It was a hit and run. He was just sitting down on the side off the road checking some of his footage he filmed earlier while it happened. He broke 10 ribs, 9 fractions on his spine, he punctured his lung, tore some ligaments in his left knee and cut up his elbow pretty badly. He was rushed to the “Frank Sinatra Hospital” in Palm Springs immediately and we were lucky we had great insurance (which in the US really helps if you know what i mean?) Anyways, 3 weeks later this guy manages to be back on his feet again and with the help from our friends in the skateboarding and chopper scene we finished the video and things turned out for the better. We’re so thankful for everyone that was involved in the making of this video and we had the best time up there in the high desert. Good times. Life is so freaking weird man.”

Watch the official music video for I Need That Oooh here:

Home Is A Heartache is out now via Another Century Records.

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