This Year’s Ghost release stream of ‘Taxidermy Eyes’

Distorted Sound is pleased to present an exclusive stream of the new EP from THIS YEAR’S GHOST!

The brand new EP, Taxidermy Eyes, is scheduled to be released on Friday (August 4th) but we at Distorted Sound are pleased to present an exclusive stream of the EP before it’s release date!

Speaking about the EP and what people can expect, the band says, “this EP deals with the complexities of death and living in its aftermath. Since the last EP (Yesterday Becomes Tomorrow Today) Paul‘s closest friend passed away, and the drummer in a previous band of his died in a tragic accident. The uplifting nature of Paul‘s harmonies and lyrics is a deliberate attempt to approach the subject from different angles and make a sound that contradicts the more subliminal meaning of the music we’re trying to make.”

Stream Taxidermy Eyes exclusively here on Distorted Sound:

Taxidermy Eyes - This Year's Ghost

Taxidermy Eyes is set for release on August 4th.

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