Top 10 Albums of 2017 by Death Blooms’ Ad Lucas

We here at Distorted Sound are continuing to bring you the Top 10 Albums of the Year from bands and musicians in our scene. Now, the next in our series, we welcome DEATH BLOOMS‘ guitarist Ad Lucas. This year has seen DEATH BLOOMS release their debut self-titled EP that was met with praise across the UK rock press, the alternative metal quartet from Manchester and Liverpool are beginning to make some waves in our scene. So, over to you Ad!

10. Lanterns – 36 CRAZYFISTS

I went to see these guys for the first time in 2002 on the Roadrunner Road Rage Tour with FIVE POINTE O and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE. I didn’t know him at the time, but our drummer Mel was also at that gig! We’re all big 36 CRAZYFISTS fans in this band. The new album proves they’re still killing it after all these years!

9. Emperor of Sand – MASTODON

My favourite MASTODON album so far! The vocals are incredible. There are some serious hooks on this album. The single Show Yourself is permanently stuck in my head.

8. I Decided – Big Sean

On first listen this album really surprised me with how dark it is. This is my go-to album when driving at night. My favourite track off this album is No Favours ft Eminem, the lyrics are pure gold; “Bitch I’m like your problems: Self-Made”.

7. The Future in Whose Eyes? – SIKTH

Whenever I listen to SIKTH it makes me wanna practice guitar more. This album sounds HUGE! Nolly Getgood knows how to mix a metal album!

6. Material Control – GLASSJAW

The first GLASSJAW album in 15 years and its angry as hell! Every instrument on this album sounds so satisfyingly pissed off! I want to know how they got the bass sounding so gnarly!?


I discovered these guys on YouTube a few years ago and have been hooked ever since. Such a polished and tight album. The vocals are incredible, my favourite metal vocalist right now. The guitar work is amazing too, low tuned riff heaven!

4. Mis•an•thrope – DED

Big hooky choruses mixed with some cheeky nu metal riffs. Love it. This album reminds me of all the bands I got into as a kid!

3. I Still Am – Yo Gotti

Earlier this year I rented a Dodge Challenger and went on an adventure alone around Florida. Yo Gotti’s latest single, Rake It Up, was on the radio constantly. Now I’m hooked on this guy! He’s got one of the chillest rap voices, and has hooks that are so simple and catchy they’ll stick in your head all day. Every time I listen to this album it reminds me of driving too fast, being free, and having fun.

2. Look At Yourself – EMMURE

Josh Travis and his nine string guitar strikes again! As soon as I found out he’d joined the band I had to pre-order this album. This is THE heaviest album I’ve ever heard. Definitely my most listened to album of the year.

1. Where Is Duke Lion? He’s Dead… – BIG DUMB FACE

Recorded it in his basement, released it on Halloween. Wes Borland is the coolest. This album is ridiculous. Best surprise album of the year from one of my favourite guitarists. This was always gonna be number one on my list!

And there we go! There are a few surprises in this list wasn’t there? A big thank you to Ad Lucas for giving his list of top 10 albums to Distorted Sound. Stick with us as we bring you more top 10 albums of the year in the coming weeks.

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