Top 10 Albums of 2017 by Goya’s Mark Connolly

2017 is nearly over and we here at Distorted Sound are happy to bring you another end of year list showcasing some of the best albums that have been released this year. This time round, we are happy to share the choices from GOYA‘s drummer, Mark Connolly. This year has seen the Stoke-on-Trent post-rock trio release their brand new EP Kathmandu, very recently in fact, and now the stage is for GOYA to make a impact come the new year. So, over to you Mark and your choices!

10. Psychotic Symphony – SONS OF APOLLO

The term ‘supergroup’ always makes me feel uneasy but this band actually lives up to their hype, and this debut album definitely blows the cobwebs away. There is everything in this album for prog fans and classic rock lovers alike. Messrs Portnoy, Bumblefoot, Sherinian and Sheehan are on fire and are assisted on their musical quest by the amazing vocals of Jeff Scott Soto. Can’t wait to catch them live in 2018.

9. To the Bone – Steven Wilson

This album has caused a lot of controversy with Steven Wilson fans, but for me this is his most focused album to date and features absolutely outstanding songs and musicianship. Highly recommended.

8. Concrete and Gold – FOO FIGHTERS

Dave Grohl comes up with a winning formula again with an album he describes as the one he is most pleased with. I agree. It features one of my fave tracks this year in Run.


When I heard Mark Ronson was producing this I was a bit worried but Josh Homme is fearless, and the result is, in my opinion, their finest album yet.

6. The Mission – STYX

STYX end a nine year hiatus with a collection of songs that have surprised everyone, showing that there is life in the in the old dog yet. This superb album marks return to their glory days. Check it out.


What do you get when you put Bonham, Hughes, Bonamassa and Sherinian in the same room? An album that adds to their musical legacy and sounds like it has been recorded live in the studio. Like all my favourite albums.

4. Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth – THE MUTE GODS

This is a phenomenal collection of tracks and also wins the prize for the most bizarre catchiest chorus of the year in Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth. The musicianship is astounding on this album with Beggs, King and Minneman absolutely on fire. In fact Marco Minneman’s drumming makes me feel like throwing away my drumsticks as he plays like someone from another planet!!

3. Inglorious II – INGLORIOUS

It is said that the future of rock is dead. However, this young British band prove once again that the future is actually bright with another album packed full of bombastic tracks. Also having probably one of the best singers in the world at the moment, along a band to match, show that INGLORIOUS are heading in the direction for world domination.

2. We’re All Alright – CHEAP TRICK

One of the best bands on the planet come storming back with their second album in two years and it’s one packed full of musical earworms.

1. California – RIVERDOGS

I was really looking forward to this album and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Featuring the guitar work of Viv Campbell, and probably one of the most underrated vocalists ever in Rob Lamothe, this album makes my top ten because of the quality of the songwriting. Absolutely brilliant and great to see them back.

And there we go! What did you think of Mark’s choices? Stay posted to Distorted Sound as we continue to bring you lists of the top albums from 2017 as the year draws to a close!

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