TRACK REVIEW: Permanent/Dream Of Me – Holding Absence

Despite being in existence for merely six short months, the progress HOLDING ABSENCE have made is staggering. Yes, they are yet to put a full length to their name but through echoing fellow genre staple mates like BEING AS AN OCEAN and CASEY, the Cardiff five piece has created an emotive and moving soundscape that eludes to what could possibly and intensely bright future for the band.

Although there are only two songs released, there is still plenty to talk about. Permanent is a swelling and stirring mixture of post-hardcore tendencies and tender ambience. The rumbling drums are placed high in the mix and give the song a strong punch when all the instruments are brought together for the catchy chorus. When the pace is picked up HOLDING ABSENCE show that they are able to give their songs a vitality that is essential in the creation of the ebb and flow of their sound.

On the second track Dream Of Me, the ability the band showed to write a strong chorus is furthered and consolidated with the emphatic chorus that dominates the song. The impassioned performance of vocalist Lucas Woodland contributes to the lasting impression left by the song and the immediate need to press replay after it ends.

If there are any qualms with the band currently it is the fact that this is a mouth watering taste and leaves the listener almost desperate for more. The slow burn post-hardcore blueprint is difficult to digest initially, with the rather flat mix making it difficult for there to be an immediate draw. Despite this, HOLDING ABSENCE make an impressive first impression with a mere two songs, so it can only be left to the imagination what the band can do with a full album of songs.

Rating: 8/10

Permanent/Dream of Me - Holding Absence

Permanent/Dream of Me is out now via SharpTone Records.

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